The “Amazon” Generation

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what our world will be like when my son is in elementary school or high school or even a parent of his own. It scares the sh** out of me sometimes. Especially living in New York where everything is at our disposal (you want sushi at 3am? done. you want any kind of food from any restaurant? done. you want something from Amazon THE SAME DAY? done.) It’s insane and such an insane lifestyle that makes people SO impatient. “You’re telling me I have to wait 3 minutes for my latte?!” I don’t have that much time!

I often wonder if this is just how it is because we live in a big city or if it’s just what is happening to “our world”. Everyone rushing around expecting instantaneous service. It’s such a material world that we live in and I’m afraid sometimes for my son. I hope that we as parents can teach him that there are more important things than having so much stuff and teach him that patience is a virtue.

Almost every week (sometimes twice) I meet up with a group of other Moms. We go to a music class, we have a beer, we let our babies play and with that comes talking about parenting. Today I talked about all of this because it’s been a topic on my mind lately. How do we raise independent, strong kids who become adults who are responsible and take care of themselves and their families? I know, I know, my son is 6 months old but it’s never too early to start talking about this stuff right?? Or I’m just crazy. Either way, I’m excited for the future. I’m excited to raise a son. Of course I’m nervous, and I hope that all these screens and all these amazon prime packages and everything that’s in my life that wasn’t when I was growing up doesn’t change the way he grows up. I hope that we can preserve his innocence (to an extent) because he needs to experience life and make his own mistakes but I also want him to not get so wrapped up in this material world.

So during these nights when I’m scrolling through pictures of Braxton while he’s sleeping and wondering what kind of boy he will be, I have to remind myself to take everyday as it comes and know that I will make mistakes, and hope and pray that even though I order something from Amazon at least once a week we will be able to teach him what really matters.

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