The new way to store your breastmilk

Ever wonder if there is an easier way after pumping to then get your milk stored in the freezer?

Well…I recently discovered a company called “Kiinde”. I got a starter kit (for free!..just paid for shipping) which included a pump adapter for my Spectra pump as well as a twist pouch and a nipple attachment. Everything is super easy to use and makes pumping that much better (because let’s face it, pumping is less than enjoyable).

It came in the mail super quickly and I used it the first night I got it. I attached my pump to the twist pouch with the included adapter and as I pumped the milk just went right into the bag. When I was done, I poured what was pumped from the other bottle into the twist pouch and boom at a full feeding for my little one (with the free starter kit they only give you one ‘single-use’ bag. If I had had more I would have used it on both sides).


Then the best part?? You don’t have to wash a bottle. When you want to use the milk, you just slide the twist pouch into the Breastmilk storage bag holder, remove the twist top and pop the nipple on and you’re ready to feed! The only thing I was was different is that the bags would be reusable. It seems like a lot of waste, especially since they are pretty heavy duty plastic.

Overall the whole system is pretty great and just saves time (and being extra careful pouring milk from one container to the next with a perfectly steady hand because we can’t loose ANY liquid gold!!).

Check out their website:




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