Glossy dots baby

A few weeks ago the owner of Glossy Dots baby reached out to me asking if she could send a few items for me to post about/ review. She used to live in New York and now lives in California where she started her own line of baby items. And y’all let me just tell you: it is so nice to have quality items to use (that are affordable!).

Here is what she sent:

A few of their premium bandana bibs

A few regular bandana bibs

A diaper caddy

A rattle

-Pacifier Clips (that you get free with bib collection purchase)

I have used the bibs (and by me saying I have used them means I put them on my baby). They have held up through several uses of spit up and washing. The quality and softness of the fabric did not change after washing. They stayed super soft and absorbent. I love how high up they go on my baby’s neck to prevent him from getting a rash. They also have different positioned snaps on the back so you can change the size of the bib. Out of all of the bibs I have, these are by far my favorite. They are a quality product at an affordable price.

I’m also super impressed with the diaper caddy. We don’t have space for it on our changing table, so I’m currently using it has a organized storage system for burb cloths, toys, books and other things baby in our living room. I love how the dividers move so you can make the compartments larger or smaller based on what you’re using it for. It’s great quality and seems very sturdy.

My little guy hasn’t started quite grabbing onto things yet but the rattles are really sweet and again, super soft and great quality.

Overall I am super impressed with this company. Teresa took what she learned from her own baby and made a successful line of baby essentials. So go check out her page and show her some love on instagram! Let’s support other Mamas!



I used my diaper caddy for books, bibs, and other essentials! IMG_3200

Brax in one of Glossy Dots Baby Bibs. IMG_3030IMG_2990IMG_2972


Here are a couple of photos of the awesome baby items!




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