Our Day Trip out of the city

I had the grand idea to get out of the city for the day and decided it would be fun to go to a winery/ apple orchard. I did a little research and found Weed Orchard. It had a huge apple orchard, wine, cider, pumpkins, all the fall things!

So.. we rented a Silvercar (which by the way is the best car rental we have ever experienced). It is SO easy. All you do is reserve the car on their website, download the app, complete your profile (basic info, credit card, etc.) and go pick up your car! It was convenient for us because there is a pick up at McCarren Hotel in Williamsburg which is about a 15 minute walk. There is a link in the app that you click when you’re on the way and they get your car ready for you. Best part? All of their cars are AUDI’S! I’m talking a 2018 Audi Q5 and…it was only $115! Previously, we would rent a car from LGA that would run about $70 a day for the weekend, but once you get an Uber there and back it would total about $120 (and there is no way it would ever be an Audi). I would HIGHLY recommend this new (to us) service. Once you get to the pickup location, they just scan your car with the app and you’re off. It took probably 5 minutes from the time we arrived to the hotel to the time we were driving out of the garage. Seriously the most seamless experience ever! And they give you 25% your first order with code: CYTE25

There was a bit of traffic getting out of the city (shocker) and we drove about 2 hours up to Marlboro, NY (with a screaming baby who is not used to driving in the car..) we finally made it.

There were a ton of people but we were able to get food right away (they have pizzas, truffle fries, cheese boards, bbq chicken, and THE BEST cider donuts). We walked around, picked some apples drank some cider (I’m realizing now that we didn’t even try the wine HA! but I’m sure it is great because the cider was.. and listened to live music. IMG_1095

They close at 5pm so I would suggest getting there a little bit earlier so you can enjoy the day. They also have tractor rides and flower picking as well.

The only negative is there were just a lot of people (and a lot of kids so.. prepare yourself). It was understanding because it was the first real fall weekend, and it was a beautiful day (65 degrees and sunny). Because of this there were a lot of lines (to get food/ drinks/ buy your self picked apples/ getting stuff at the bakery/ bathrooms, basically anything you wanted to do). The scenery is beautiful and makes for some great photo ops (see below!).

Overall, it was a great experience (minus the screaming baby in the car on the way up and home). On the way home we stopped at Midland Brewery to get some dinner which had a lot of beer options and good food!

We have also been to Warwick Winery which honestly, we liked better. But it was fun to try a new place! Next time, I would like to stop at Thompson’s Cider Mill on the way up just to add another stop to our trip. And…driving the Q5 made it all worth it!

We brought home a few pounds of apples which I plan to make an apple crisp with!

SaveHere are a few more pictures and my outfit details!


 • Chambray • Striped Tee • Puffer Vest • Black Pants • Converse • Ergo Baby Carrier •


He slept the whole time we were there…



kate taylor



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