Postpartum Fitness

One word to describe my body after birth: meh.

I have always cared about stay healthy and active. Throughout my pregnancy was no different but I really had no idea what my postpartum body would look like. I walked a ton during my pregnancy and was going to the gym up until the day before I gave birth (doing light weights/ walking on the incline. Nothing crazy).

I gained 36 pounds over the course of 10 months. Within two weeks of delivery I lost all but 9 of that. I couldn’t believe it. I honestly did not expect to drop that much weight that quickly (obviously a majority of that was well..the baby (and everything that comes with him!)). And then breastfeeding helped a ton!

I’m not saying this to brag or say “look at me I lost all this weight” because as I looked at my body in the mirror all I saw was: meh. I am saggy, loose and frankly stretched out. I am taking a day at a time because I know that my body looks this way because I was carrying a life for 10 months. There is so much pressure in our society to look a certain way and to be honest I want to be “skinny” and “fit” for myself. I mentioned in a previous post that I didn’t feel like myself during my pregnancy and a lot of that had to do with what I looked like. I’m used to being able to be active and use my core for the majority of my movements throughout the day and while being pregnant I obviously couldn’t do that.

So here I am almost 8 weeks postpartum and not sure how to get back into the shape I was before I got pregnant. But…you gotta start somewhere right??

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Walking A TON! This has been especially helpful when Braxton is fussy because he falls asleep super quickly in the carrier.


  • ToneItUp Workouts are super easy to do at home. They don’t require a lot of materials and they’re engaging and go by quickly (and they’re short so you don’t have a to commit a lot of time at once. You can always do a few videos at a time)!


  • I’ve also been trying to get to the gym as much as possible (although it’s hard to leave Brax since he’s still feeding pretty often and his nap schedule is so inconsistent). I’ve been running about a mile or two. And doing machines to start to strengthen my muscles again.

It’s crazy how much pressure I have on myself to get back to my “pre-baby” size. However, it took me 10 months to grow a baby how can I expect myself to look like I did before in just 8 weeks? I’m trying to not be hard on myself, but that’s just how I am. My body is also craving exercise and my muscles feel like they need to be strengthened. Yes, I’ve lost the majority of the weight I gained but again I just feel meh.

So here’s to just staying positive and doing my best and getting in a workout when I can. (easier said than done, but how much better do we feel after we workout?)

Here’s a (time-lapse) video of me doing a Tone It Up workout!

Braxton was in the swing to the right of the screen.. I’m not just smiling like a crazy person!



kate taylor


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