A baby?? In a bar?!

Ok so before you judge us just imagine being cooped up with a crying newborn all day everyday. The AC never gets cold enough, and you can only watch so much reality television. My husband and I are used to going out a lot more often especially when it comes to college (and NFL) football in the fall! The first games were this past weekend so naturally we tried to find a place where we could bring B.B (baby Brax) and wouldn’t feel  weird about having a baby in a bar.

Introducing: Croxley’s Ale House

We discovered this place last weekend and it was exactly the kind of place we would want to be to watch football with our little man. They were so accommodating and made us feel so comfortable about having a newborn there. Here’s proof that Braxton was living his best life watching the game with his Daddy!


The only con I had was that it started to get pretty loud in the evening but then again it’s a sports bar. There also was no changing table in the bathrooms but they let me use a booth to change him!

Here are a few other places we’ve found that are baby friendly but also have good food/ booze for us!

Clinton Hall (In Williamsburg- fun atmosphere with a lot of games (jenga, uno, connect 4) great beer/ drink selection but food is sub par. Great for watching a game as well!)

The Woods (In South Williamsburg- the actual bar area is pretty “dive-y” but there’s a fun backyard that is definitely family friendly. And they have a pint size margarita for $11 because sometimes you just need a marg in a pint glass!)

Spritzenhaus (In Greenpoint- also has a fun outdoor area with a lot of picnic tables, good German food and a lot of beer options as well!)

Berry Park (In Greenpoint, down the street from Spritzenhaus. Has an awesome rooftop with great food and again, great booze selection.)

Greenpoint Beer (In Greenpoint..hence the name. This is a brewery and is quite warm (for some reason they don’t turn on the AC) but once it cools down this spot will be even more amazing! They have great beer, great food (a little expensive) and there are always several families there)

Game day ready!
Us at Croxley’s on Saturday!


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