The moment our lives changed forever

It was a Tuesday night right before Thanksgiving (I had just gotten home from work/ therapy). Earlier, at therapy, I was telling my therapist that I was feeling “off” and “a little weird”. Rewind to the past weekend where I was a HOT *emotional* MESS. Justin was so confused as to what was going on, we just assumed I was getting my period since I had only had one since the wedding (insert monkey with eyes covered emoji). I even was convinced that he was cheating on me!! My therapist knew that I had gotten my IUD out and that there was a chance I could be pregnant. She suggested I take a pregnancy test because, yes it can happen that quickly!! I said “there’s no way I’m pregnant, we just started trying, that would be insane” but low and behold I got home, told Justin what she had said and knew that we should just go ahead and take a test.

I had ordered this kit from Amazon that has strips that you dip in urine to see if your ovulating or pregnant. We did two of these and I swore I saw two lines, but Justin was not having it. He said “this moment could potentially change both of our lives, go out and get the digital ones please”. So I ran to Duane Reade, with shaking hands and bought a ClearBlue pregnancy test. I peed on the stick, left it in the bathroom and tried to breathe. As I paced the apartment for what felt like 2 hours (it was less than 3 minutes), Justin walked by the bathroom, peeked in from the hallway, looked at me and said “you’re pregnant” with a sweet smile on his face. Of course, with my raging hormones, I started crying then laughing then crying again. I ran over to him and gave him a hug and he goes “ok, we have to take the other test”. The kit came with two tests- one that says “pregnant/ not pregnant” and then the other one that shows a “+ or -” sign. Sure enough, a few minutes passed and those two lines came together to form a perfect plus sign.


We were overwhelmed, excited and couldn’t wait to share the news with friends and family. We were going down to South Carolina to see my family for Thanksgiving and weren’t sure if we would tell my family then or wait until we were a little farther along. Of course, me not drinking was a huge give away that we ended up telling everyone. Yes we were only 4 weeks pregnant and obviously there’s a chance that it wouldn’t “stick” but we only told people that we would then feel comfortable going back to and God forbid sharing the news of a miscarriage.

What a special few days! I couldn’t have been happier to have a few days off from work to enjoy this time with my husband and wrap our heads around the fact that WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!


kate taylor

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