What’s in my hospital bag?

So…obviously I have not given birth yet so I don’t know exactly what I should be bringing with us to the hospital but after reading several blogs and looking at checklists, I have put together what I believe we will need. (I will update this post after I give birth and post what we actually ended up using).

Also: we live in NYC and will be taking an Uber to and from the hospital, so obviously space is limited. Less is more. That’s the number one rule to moving stuff around in this city.

For our toiletry bag, I’m keeping things simple. I’m taking some unused shampoo/ conditioner from our most recent hotel stay, contacts and deodorant. I know I’m going to want to “freshen up” before and after giving birth, but I don’t need my whole bathroom to do so. It’s two nights, I’ll be fine with the minimum. Again.. less is more.

Here’s a picture:

IMG_2101 3

With our clothes, I picked things that are comfy and easy to get in and out of as well as items that will be easy to nurse in. I absolutely love Old Navy, they have a whole “hospital to home” section with a ton of super comfy nursing/ sleeping shirts.  I’m also bringing The BEST Robe that a friend got me from my registry. It is SO soft, and has some cute lace so you don’t feel so frumpy (not that that reaaalllyyy matters when you’re pushing a 7 pound human out, but hey at least I can try to feel normal). For the hubs, I just packed a few comfy shirts but will also be throwing in a zip up sweatshirt (so he can do skin-to-skin and not be half naked), and some shorts/ sleep pants/ sweatpants to wear around the room. I also have flip flops and comfy socks so our feet are protected from cold tile floors/ hospital showers (eek!).


IMG_2102 3

For Baby we’re bringing a few onesies in different sizes (because obviously we don’t know how big he is going to be and don’t want to bring all NB sizes if he decides to be 9 pounds (God, please no!)). We also have a couple pacifiers, swaddle blankets, socks, the cutest hat (it says “hello” on it..I mean, come on!), 3 pairs of pants, and a sleeping gown.

IMG_2103 2

I’m not bringing my boppy pillow (which I love and I think I would use) but it’s big and bulky and… remember? NYC. Enough said.

We’re also bringing our phone chargers (obviously), our camera, the carseat (!!), and will most likely thrown in the computer/ iPad (depending on what state we’re in when we leave for the hospital..aka will I have this calm demeanor that I’m envisioning or will it be at 3am when we’re both freaking out because we’re about to be PARENTS).

Here’s a checklist of everything I mentioned above:

(PDF is linked below, so you can print!)

Green Yellow Packing Checklist

Kate Taylor_ Hospital Bag Checklist

I started packing our hospital bag a few weeks ago (I wanted to have something a packed in case I went into labor early). But I just finished it today.. I kept thinking of things we might need and wanted to make sure it was all organized and ready to go when baby decides it’s time.

Hopefully it helps! And again, I will be updating this list on what we actually needed while we were at the hospital.


kate taylor

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